Holding a diversified, yet focused, line of quality services complemented by creative and experienced personnel. This enables us to provide a comprehensive way forward tailored to specific client needs. The key to this is our thorough understanding of the technology coupled with its business and cultural knowledge and involvement in the Region.


Cyber Defensive

Safeguarding you against Cyber Attacks by aligning the knowledge and understanding with activities that are essential in enabling your business to protect itself against attack and respond to a rapidly evolving threat landscape. 

Cyber Offensive

An adversarial approach to proactively neutralize and hunt down Cyber Threats against probable exploitation. Improving the overall security posture by trying to mimic an attacker and closure of the flaws and weaknesses on the way.

Cyber Readiness

Cyber Attacks are evolving and will tend to affect organizations lagging in preventive measures. Aligned with the expectations set out in international standards and best practices to ensure adequate coverage.

Cyber Roadmap

The powerful tool in aligning security processes with business requirements as well as goals, and improving the efficacy of the security programs. Reducing the amount of time and effort spent rolling out and managing security programs.

Get served by the right people with the right
capabilities on the right job for efficiency

Improve your
Cyber Posture with us

Familiarize with the expected outcomes
and challenges of the Roadmap for teams

We assess and
advise carefully


Extend your capabilities


Covering a wide range of activities that are essential in enabling your business to protect itself against a cyber attack and respond to a rapidly evolving threat landscape. This will include:

- Cyber deterrents to reduce your
   appeal to the attackers.
- Preventative controls that eliminate
   Cyber Attacks.
- Attack detection capability to spot
   when you are targeted.
- Reaction and response capabilities.
- Alignment with Cyber Kill Chain and 
   Attack Methodologies.


Challenges demand the protection of critical assets as one of the main business requirements to safeguard reputation and value. Even the best programs experience failures and inefficiencies.

Achieving this by building capabilities and stepping forward proactively and reactively. This holistic approach being attribute-driven by understanding what is most critical and then strategizing ahead and supporting the programs is the way forward.

Receive pragmatic support to improve processes, architecture, technology deployments, and building capabilities to digitally transform.


- Endpoint Detection & Response
- Vulnerability Management
- Cyber Threat Monitoring
- Perimeter Intrusion Detection
- Surveillance and Access Security

  1. Extensive Controls - Based on research and experience, CDF covers a wide-ranging rich set of controls.
  2. Compliance with Regulations and Best Practices - Our criteria are in line with expectations of other major standards and frameworks, such as ISO 27001, NIST, PCI DSS, ATT&K, SAMA CSF, NCA, SANS, etc. 
  3. Tested - Our team has developed & tested by implementing in renowned Enterprise organizations.

Complex Threat Environment

Cyber Security needs are congruent with the size of your organization, understanding your organization's threat environment should be the first thing you do before you decide to hire a chief information security officer. Depending on the intricacy of your threat environment, your organization can prioritize its security.

Policies and Processes

Improved Cyber Security policies can help organizations better understand how to better secure information assets. For your business to have effective information Cyber Security policies and processes in place and for them to be maintained, you can get the required expertise and experience of a CISO as a Service or outsourced completely.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Organizations in certain industries handle and on some occasions store extensive amounts of classified information. This can also induce regulatory requirements for them. This requires extensive and comprehensive activities being carried out and comprehensive assessments conducted to keep the businesses secure.

The outsourced Experts

Cyber Security has become a top priority of businesses around the world, this has led to an increase in demand for experts and security leadership. Unfortunately, the demand at times exceeds the available skillsets. Finding the right experienced expert at an affordable cost may be a challenging task, which is why a Virtual CISO may be the perfect solution.  


Providing a wide range of security assessment services, from the software code to the complete IT infrastructure. and development.

Our team has years of experience and the required skillset in the various technologies and techniques based on international best practices to secure IT infrastructures. We perform real-time Cyber Attacks to assess the protective and preventive measures in place to identify the loopholes, further developing cost-effective and efficient remediations for your business. 

Endpoint Detection and Response
Our Managed Security Services assist client organizations to extend their capabilities by partnering with us as well as making informed decisions in dealing with emerging Cyber Threats including:
- Scheduled activities and periodic reporting
- Cyber Attack investigation
- Innovative active threat response
- Stop the bleeding with Endpoint Isolation
- Recovery including ransomware rollback 


- Discover, Prioritize, Assess, Report, Remediate, Verify
- It is all about reducing the Cyber attack surface
- Quick response to emerging Cyber-threats
- Supporting your business in identifying
your security flaws
- Prioritizing suitable actions and managing
Cyber threats together


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